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We’re all for having a choice.

GreenChoices has been specifically developed to provide both medical practitioners and patients with meaningful research and education, with the aim of assisting them make informed choices about medical cannabis as a possible treatment option.


Because an informed choice will make for a better treatment decision and outcome!

It is currently difficult to access comprehensive information about medicinal cannabis and associated medical research. An increasing number of Australians are:

  • interested in finding out more about medical cannabis, or
  • wanting to get access to cannabis (via a prescriber).

However, there is a lot of misinformation and lack of clear and concise information on medicinal cannabis.

Our Mission

A digital platform educating patients and healthcare professionals wanting to learn more about the use of medical cannabis in Australia. Our goal is to reassure all stakeholders by providing comprehensive resources where it’s possible to access all that is required to make an informed choice.

Our Vision

GreenChoices will be the destination of choice for information about medical cannabis use in Australia. A digital platform that connects patients and healthcare professionals, represents the industry and educates the nation. Resulting in research and collaboration, easier access and a better understanding of medicinal cannabis as a potential therapeutic medicine for various medical conditions.

Our Landscape

GreenChoices is committed to providing comprehensive information on this site, including:

1) Education and clarification

For patients & doctors to better understand cannabinoid therapy, medical cannabis, research and the process to access this new pharmaceutical medication in Australia.

2) Research

A specially designed, crowd-sourced survey with the objective of learning more about patient experiences using cannabinoid therapy. This survey aims to be broader than specific clinical trials and takes into consideration a range of medical cannabis products and treatment options.

3) Resources and education for doctors

A restricted access portal for Healthcare Professionals – detailed information about applications, the legal framework, available products, dosing information, education and a free online RACGP accredited course for medical practitioners.