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How much does medical cannabis cost in Australia?

The cost of medicinal cannabis in Australia can vary greatly and depends on a number of considerations such as a patient's condition and the product being prescribed.

The cost of medicinal cannabis can vary greatly and depends on:

  • a patient's condition - some patients may need more than others depending on their requirements.
  • a patient's endocannabinoid system - similarly to other medicines, some patients will react differently to cannabis and may require more or less product.
  • if the patient is taking other medications in addition to the medicinal cannabis.
  • the medicinal cannabis product which has been prescribed - product costs are stipluated by manufacturers and sponsors. Like any product, some can cost more than others.

Keeping the above in mind, it is estimated that medical cannabis can approximately cost from $150 up to $3,650 per month (a range of $5 to $120 per day). There is currently no subsidy available from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme so this cost will be worn entirely by the patient.

A helpful guide to the average costs of medicinal cannabis products can be found in an independent report conducted by Freshleaf Analytics ‘Australian Medicinal Cannabis Market Patient, Product and Pricing Analysis – H2 2021. The report advised that the average patient taking prescribed medicinal cannabis is spending less than $10 per day, with the average spend being $278 per month.

If you are considering medicinal cannabis as a treatment option it is important to consider the costs involved and mention if price sensitivity is an issue when discussing options with your medical practitioner.

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