Patient FAQs

All you wanted to know about Medical Cannabis

What is medical cannabis and how do I use it?

Medical cannabis refers to the use of the cannabis plant and its component cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBC, etc.) as medical therapy to alleviate symptoms. In Australia, you need a doctor's prescription to access medical cannabis.

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What does medical marijuana treat?

Cannabis has been used for years as a treatment for a variety of medical conditions, including pain and nausea resulting from cancer treatment and other illnesses. Although, it has been a taboo subject for years, the medical and scientific community in Australia are currently working to unlock its potential benefits for patients.

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Is medical cannabis the same thing as medical marijuana?

Yes, Medical cannabis and medical marijuana are interchangeable terms as they are both used to describe ingredients sourced from cannabis plants

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Is using medical cannabis legal in Australia?

Yes, medical cannabis is legal within Australia however each state and territory have different laws surrounding its prescription, usage and accessibility.

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How much does medical cannabis cost in Australia?

The cost of medicinal cannabis in Australia can vary greatly and depends on a number of considerations such as a patient's condition and the product being prescribed.

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What if my medical practitioner won't prescribe medical cannabis but I still want to try this?

Depending on what your doctor has advised you and your situation, there are a few approaches you can take.

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