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Medical cannabis has the potential to enhance treatment options

Cannabis is gaining interest, and strong advocacy, in the public domain. Research, old and new is beginning to present encouraging results for this previously taboo plant in a wide variety of conditions. Conversations relating to medicinal cannabis in the medical field are more common and often include potential therapeutic benefits, side effects and dosing in a variety of medical conditions ranging from Parkinsons Disease to Chronic Pain. Here’s what you need to know to stay informed:

Medical cannabis explained

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Treatment options

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Understanding Cannabinoids

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Plenty of tools and resources on our HCP Portal

Login to the GreenChoices healthcare professional portal and access research, educational training, comprehensive information on the mechanics of medicinal cannabis as well as detailed information on the regulatory framework, research and products available for use in Australia.

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Access information for prescribers

Our team of medical professionals, with the assistance of experienced overseas practitioners, have put together in-depth resources for prescribers covering all topics for this new treatment option.

Understand the ever-changing regulatory framework

Medicinal Cannabis and the regulatory framework for access and prescribing, are constantly shifting. Via the GreenChoices portal you can keep up-to-date and access the most recent prescribing guidelines and application forms. We're working with a team of advisors to help practitioners better understand the legalities around the prescription of medicinal cannabis and to help advance your applications in a timely manner.

Benefit from a wide selection of multimedia educational material

GreenChoices is committed to working with medical professionals to curate educational content. Our aim is to develop courses, webinars, toolkits, podcasts and events for healthcare professionals to help better understand medicinal cannabis, how it works, relevant research and its potential applications.

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All the resources you need in one place

GreenChoices gives practitioners the resources they need to assist with patient enquiries, and to assist with the prescription of medical cannabis.

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HCP Portal feature at a glance

Medical Cannabis explained

Detailed information on medical cannabis including patient aids to assist with explaining this treatment and a patient's suitability for treatment.

Prescribing Information

A toolkit with tips and resources to assist your treatment decision, helping you choose a suitable product guide you through the SAS application process.

Product Catalogue

A site where all Australian suppliers can list their products that conform to TGO 93 accreditation. Prescribers can browse products by THC/CBD profile as well as other variables.


GreenChoices is committed to providing comprehensive education for healthcare professionals to better understand cannabinoid therapy and its research.

Research Library

Our medical team have collated a comprehensive research to show unbiased results and to assist with product choice and SAS applications.

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