Am I eligible for medicinal cannabis?

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Am I eligible?

GreenChoices has developed an eligibility questionnaire to assist patients determine their potential eligibility for medicinal cannabis treatment in Australia.

This has been prepared based on our understanding of the legislation, guidelines and cannabis industry experience in Australia.

However, these circumstances may change and patients are recommended to check this site regularly for updates.

If you have questions around medicinal cannabis or need assistance finding a doctor, please contact our education sponsor Little Green Pharma on 1300 703 999

Interested to know if you are eligible?

Take the 'Am I eligible' questionnaire

Find out if you're eligible and learn more about the process of applying for this new treatment

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Help in navigating the medical cannabis prescription system

Access to medicinal cannabis involves a more complicated process than with most other prescription medicines. As the majority of medicinal cannabis products in Australia are currently unapproved, a doctor can’t simply write a prescription without taking additional steps. Instead, there are several pathways for patients to access this treatment.

Download the 'Introductory guide to medicinal cannabis' below for further information on eligibility, conditions, research and how to talk to your doctor.

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